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Arrogant Swine Swaggers Into Bushwick Soon With Whole Hog Barbecue, Bourbon, and Beer

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Take a look around New York's first whole hog barbecue restaurant.

Pitmaster Tyson Ho is about to unleash New York's first Carolina style whole hog barbecue restaurant, and give Bushwick a new beer hall in the process. Here's a look around the space, which is scheduled to open next Wednesday, October 8 with an opening party featuring local graffiti and tattoo artists, live music and (of course) a smoked hog. Arrogant Swine will initially be open seven days a week for dinner service, with lunch service added sometime in the near future. The menu is not yet available but beyond the whole hog expect charcuterie and other pork dishes at Ho's self proclaimed "Church of Pork." 173 Morgan Avenue, Bushwick

Arrogant Swine

173 Morgan Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11101 (347) 328-5595 Visit Website