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Sushi of Gari Supplants East Village Sushi Standby Kotobuki With Plans for Saki

The affordable 3rd Avenue sushi restaurant is being replaced.

Kotobuki has a new resident.
Kotobuki has a new resident.

With its shiny Michelin star safely in hand, Sushi of Gari is gearing up for a new restaurant at 56 3rd Avenue. A sign in the window of the recently shuttered neighborhood favorite Kotobuki announces "Saki sushi restaurant produced by Sushi of Gari coming soon." Gari has been a staple of the upper echelons of the sushi scene for a long time and already operates four restaurants around the city, though this is the first without the name of sushi chef Masatoshi Gari Sugio in its title. It's also curious that the sign says "produced by," instead of owned by. Stay tuned for details.