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In a Flurry of Tweets, Times Critic Pete Wells Eviscerates Schiller's

While preparing for his Cherche Midi review, Wells had an awful meal at Keith McNally's Lower East Side restaurant.

Daniel Krieger

Pete Wells likes Bowery blockbuster Cherche Midi enough to give it two stars, but that doesn't mean that he's a card carrying member of the Keith McNally Fanclub. To prepare for his review, Wells visited a handful of McNally's sister restaurants including Balthazar and Schiller's. Of the latter he writes: "The short-rib patty melt was the only good dish on a table full of disappointments at Schiller's Liquor Bar, but I enjoyed myself more than I have at far better restaurants."

Now, one day after the review dropped, Prickly Pete elaborates on his experience there:

Oof. In a later interaction with Felix Salmon, the critic notes: "As I said in the Cherche Midi review, I didn't much enjoy Schiller's food but I enjoyed my time there." The critic's rant, though scathing, has not fazed the die-hard Schiller's fans of this city.

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