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The Greenwich Village Think Coffee Is Selling a Mona Lisa Forgery for $25,000

It's expensive because the forger is famous.


A strikingly good forgery of the Mona Lisa is currently hanging at Think Coffee in Greenwich Village. Mark Landis, forger extraordinaire, who has outwitted more than 40 museums with his paintings, supposedly created the piece in 90 minutes, reports Bedford + Bowery. It's up for grabs for $25,000 and the proceeds will go to his hometown museum, the Lauren Rogers Museum in Laurel, Mississippi, which he duped. Landis has been known to dress up as a priest when he presents paintings to museums, but since he's always donated the pieces, never sold them, he's managed to escape arrest. He's featured in the documentary Art and Craft, which debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival and is playing in theaters now. 248 Mercer Street, Greenwich Village.