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Gray's Papaya Landlord Jacked the Rent by $20,000

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[Photo: The Gurgling Cod]
At last, Nicholas Gray, the proprietor of Gray's Papaya, speaks about the shuttering of his beloved Greenwich Village hot dog stand. The restaurateur tells Fork in the Road that the downtown outpost of his mini-chain did indeed fold because of a rent hike. Gray explains: "They wanted to raise my rent to $50,000 from $30,000...We're always looking for corners, but they're hard to find." So realtors, if you know of a corner space that's open downtown, with rent around 30K or less, you know who to talk to. As Sietsema and several commenters have noted, Gray's Papaya was perpetually busy until it closed.
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Gray's Papaya

402 6th Ave., New York, NY