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Margaux, a Parisian Cafe Tucked into the Marlton Hotel

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[All photos by Daniel Krieger]

Here's a look around Margaux, which opened Monday in the back of the new Marlton Hotel. The boutique hotel, which opened this fall in a former New School dorm on 8th Street, is the work of Sean McPherson, the hotelier behind the Waverly Inn, the Jane, and the Maritime Hotel among others. McPherson designed both the hotel and the restaurant, telling the Times that he took his inspiration from the "sort of hotel on a Parisian side street" that might be found in "Tender is the Night."

The restaurant is open for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and chefs Michael Reardon and Jeremy Blutstein are serving a changing, seasonal menu of dishes like cauliflower custard, black bass crudo, and rotisserie chicken with urfa biber and green harissa.

Margaux at the Marlton Hotel
5 West 8th St., West Village
Now Open


235 Louis Street Northwest, , MI 49503 (616) 242-1448 Visit Website