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Donatella and its Blinged-Out Gold Oven are Dunzo

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A sign in the window of Donatella Arpaia's pizzeria Donatella indicates that the restaurant is closed for renovations, but the OpenTable account is dead, there's no message on the phone line, and no word about the revamp on Twitter or Facebook. Also, perhaps more tellingly, there's another sign in the window explaining that a new business owner is applying for a liquor license in this space.

Donatella opened three years ago with a gold-plated Stefano Ferrara oven, and a pizza-making operation overseen by Italian hot shot Enzo Coccia. The pies were pretty darn good, too, at least in the early days. No word yet on how the closing of Donatella will affect the restaurant's print media spinoff, Donatella magazine.
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184 8th Ave., New York, NY