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New York Critic Adam Platt Discusses Anonymity on TV

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Formerly anonymous critic Adam Platt went on CBS This Morning today to plug New York's new Where to Eat issue. In his first television appearance, Plattypants discuses the bizarre experience of dining out as an anonymous critic, when the restaurateurs know your identity: "It's their business to know. It's a very high-stakes game in New York…It's this Kabuki dance. You go back and forth and pretend you're not here, and you discretely try to order the whole menu." Platt notes that two weeks after he started the job, the maitre d' at Le Perigord identified him as a critic before he was even able to place an order.

And about that picture: Platt says, "For the record, when I did the photo shoot…I smiled all the time, I was smiling consistently, but that's the photo they chose. " Check out Platt's big T.V. debut:

· New York Magazine's restaurant critic reveals himself on TV for first time [CBS]

Le Perigord

405 E 52nd St., New York, NY