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Palo Santo Owner to Open Taqueria in Fort Reno Space

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Palo Santo chef/restaurateur Jacques Gautier recently closed his two-year-old barbecue restaurant Fort Reno with plans to reopen the space as a taqueria later this month. Here's Park Slope reports that the new, as-yet-unnamed restaurant will serve versions of the tacos found in Central Mexico, California, and Texas, and all the tortillas will be made-to-order. Gautier explains: "We want this to be a tortilleria as much as a taqueria...Lots of taquerias in Southern California make their tortillas to order, and we're designing the kitchen around making tortillas." Fort Reno never generated as much buzz as some of the other Brooklyn barbecue restaurants that opened over the last two years, like Hometown, BrisketTown, and Morgan's. Sietsema included the pork ribs from Fort Reno on his list of the worst dishes of 2013.
· New Taqueria from Palo Santo Owner Coming to Union Street [HPS]

Palo Santo

955 West Marietta Street Northwest, , GA 30318 (678) 492-9211 Visit Website

Fort Reno

669 Union St., New York, NY