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10 Crucial Facts About Danny Meyer's Super Bowl Pop-Up

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Here are some crucial facts about Forty Ate, the week-long pop-up from the NFL and Danny Meyer on the second floor of the Renaissance New York.

1) The dining room looks out on the temporary Fox Sports studio in Times Square. Diners can stare at the 30-foot tall Fox NFL robot as they eat things like brick chicken, salt baked king salmon, and garganelli with squash and wild mushrooms.

2) The food comes courtesy of Union Square Events, Danny Meyer's catering company. The menu is full of new dishes, not items from his other restaurants. It most closely resembles the menu at Union Square Cafe, with a touch of North End Grill.

3) The room is lined with busts of famous football champs, plus movie screens showing classic Super Bowl highlights.

4) Although Forty Ate has five tables that are being rented for $50,000 a day, the dining room is also open to walk-ins, and the team is taking a limited number of reservations.


5): There's a glass display case full of actual Super Bowl rings by the door. This case has its own security guard.

6) The space is a little hard to find. Take the elevator from the ground floor to the second floor, then follow the Forty Ate signs to the end of the lobby.

7) The website promises that "there will be NFL players dining at the restaurant throughout the week." And, indeed, when Eater stopped by yesterday, there were a few pro ball players and coaches lunching at Forty Ate, no big deal.

8) Starters are priced between $13 and $17, and mains are between $19 and $26. Here's the menu:

Forty Ate by Eater NY

9) Soundtrack is mostly Motown. A pleasant touch.

10) Danny Meyer's team created a menu of Super Bowl-themed bar snacks for the lounge next to Forty Ate, which is also completely open to the public.

Forty Ate
714 7th Avenue, Times Square
Official site.
Open now through Saturday for lunch and dinner.

Forty Ate

714 7th Ave., New York, NY