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All'onda is Taking Reservations; A Girl and Her Greens

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CHELSEA — Three-year-old BBQue's Smoke Shack has shuttered. It's main claim to fame, according to numerous signs and website banners, is that it was voted "Best Wings" in the 2012 NYC WingFest. Now a sign in the window promises it will reopen in a new location in Harlem, on 125th Street. [EaterWire]

UNION SQUARE — Chris Cannon and Chris Jaeckle's highly-anticipated new restaurant All'onda is now taking reservations. After getting pushed back a couple times, the official opening date has been set to Monday, January 6. Call 212-231-2236 to snatch up one of those tables. [Twitter]

BOOK CLUB — April Bloomfield's second cookbook, A Girl and Her Greens, is due out in March of 2015. As a followup to her first book, A Girl and Her Pig, it will stick to the same format, although with an obvious shift in focus. Like the first, it will be co-authored by the talented J.J. Goode. [~EN~]

BBQue Smoke Shack

668 6th Ave., New York, NY