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The Regency Bar & Grill, Now Serving Power Breakfasts

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[All photos by Daniel Krieger]

Here's a look around The Regency Bar & Grill, which Sant Ambroeus restaurateurs Gherardo Guarducci and Dimitri Pauli opened in the Loews Regency Hotel just a couple of weeks ago. It replaces the old Regency restaurant, of power breakfast fame, which closed about a year ago for renovations. Now that power breakfast, along with lunch and dinner, is in the hands of chef Dan Silverman, formerly of The Standard Grill. His menu, which leans a little Italian, includes a selection of crudo and pastas, grilled steaks, chops and seafood, and a classic Dover sole. For breakfast, it's all the egg, pancake, and bacon standards.

The Regency Bar and Grill
540 Park Avenue, Upper East Side
Now Open

The Standard Grill

848 Washington Street, Manhattan, NY 10014 (212) 645-4100 Visit Website