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Foolish Restaurateurs Attempt to Peddle Pizzacones Again

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Three years ago, the hard-working, pizza-loving people of this fine city rejected the sad cornucopias full of cheese, sauce, and pepperoni known as Pizzacones. But now, some foolhardy restaurateurs have decided to force these hand-held shame pyramids on diners, once again.

An Italian fast-casual chain called Kono Pizza recently opened its first U.S. location in nearby Edison, New Jersey, and a press release threatens that the group has signed "multiple franchise deals from California to New York." The team plans to open "at least 10 franchise locations in Long Island" soon.

Rossano Boscolo, the chef that helped bring Kono Pizza to America, recently told "I could, and I'm not condoning it, but I could put this in my cup holder, I could carry it on a train, in a way you can't with a slice of pizza." The menu (PDF) includes cones stuffed with scrambled eggs and bacon, salad, club sandwich ingredients, and tiramisu filling.

A quick Google search reveals that New York actually has one lone pizza cone shop, the tiny Da Vinci Cones in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn. But hopefully, the people behind Kono Pizza won't attempt to sell their scrambled egg and salad cones in New York City any time soon.
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Kono Pizza

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