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Pastis Will Now Close For Renovations at the End of March

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Former MTV News anchor Kurt Loder broke some crucial McNally news over the weekend, tweeting: "Suddenly turns out Pastis will stay open till March -- the Bowery pizza place is going away, though..." Loder went to Pastis over the weekend for a "farewell feed" and learned that the restaurant would not be closing on January 31 after all.

The Post now confirms with a Pastis spokesperson that the restaurant has postponed the closing until the end of March because the landlord "would like us in the space until the last possible moment." Insiders whisper that this basically translates to "the landlord's waiting for building permits." When Pastis does finally go on hiatus, it will be for around 15 months while the landlord gives the building a complete renovation. As for that "Bowery pizza place," Pulino's, it should reopen as a French restaurant called Cherche Midi in a few months.
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