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Adrià Exhibit at the Drawing Center; Cochinita Expands


SOHOA collection of Ferran Adrià's drawings and papers from the now-shuttered elBulli are on display at The Drawing Center. Called "Notes on Creativity," the exhibit features an illustrated history of cooking, mock-ups for dishes, and several diagram. Head over to Eater National for a tour of the exhibit. [Eater National]

EXPANSIONSAdam Frank is expanding his Clinton Hill taqueria Cochinita to the Lower East Side. Grub Street reports that the new taqueria will open in the old Overseas Taste space at 49 Orchard St. [GS]

LOWER EAST SIDEThe Popeye's fried chicken outpost on Canal Street is currently closed so that the owners can fix some unspecified violations. Curiously, the unique bilingual signage is off the building. [BB]

The Drawing Center

35 Wooster St., New York, NY 10013