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Mountain Bird, Harlem's Poultry-Centric Hot Spot

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[All photos by Bess Adler]

Here's a look around Mountain Bird, the tiny new Harlem restaurant that's generating a lot of buzz these days. Chef Kenichi Tajima studied at the Tsuji Cooking School in Tokyo before working with chefs like Francois Payard and Philippe Bertineau. At Mountain Bird, Tajima is serving French-influenced poultry dishes, including a Moulard duck duo, chicken schnitzel, turkey goulash, and cassoulet. Starters are priced from $7 to $14, and most main dishes are under $20. Check out the space and the dinner menu:

Mountain Bird Menu by Eater NY

Mountain Bird
231 West 145 St., Harlem
Now open for dinner and brunch

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Mountain Bird

231 West 145 St., New York, NY