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NYC Supper Club Offers Haute Cuisine, Lots of Ganja

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Photo: Site

It looks like New York now has its very own underground marijuana supper club., as the club is called, offers a high-end tasting menu of dishes infused with various weed varietals, each purportedly selected to "specifically to balance the flavors of each dish and for their psychoactive properties throughout the flow of the dinner." Items off the nine-course spring tasting menu on the website include confit chicken wings with Mango Kush croutons and bacon, and ribeye with Maui Waui baked potatoes. But the website emphasizes: " isn't about getting high — it is about haute cuisine."

Is this some type of bizarre hoax/art project? Possibly. There is, however, an email signup online for any interested parties, although it's entirely unclear if or when these dinners will actually take place. Here's a glossy promotional video:

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