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Nick Curtin to Begin Dinner Service at Rosette Tonight

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Rosette, the spacious new L.E.S. bar/restaurant from nightlife man Ron Castellano, has been open for a drinks and snacks for few weeks now. But starting tonight, chef Nick Curtin, formerly of Acme and Compose, will begin full dinner service in the back dining room. His menu of New American fare includes pumpkin soup, seared steak tartare, a parsnip "steak," roasted chicken with risotto, and a ribeye with cauliflower. Many of the dishes are prepared in a wood-fired oven. Check out the menu:


Rosette Dinner Menu (1) by Eater NY

Bar Menu:

Rosette Bar Menu by Eater NY

171 E Broadway, Lower East Side
Opening for dinner tonight


171 E Broadway, New York, NY 10002 212-933-1176


171 E Broadway, New York, NY