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Guest Chefs at Contra; Irish Tiki Benefit at Fort Defiance

Contra by Bess Adler

LOWER EAST SIDE — Contra will begin hosting collaborative guest chef dinners every month or so starting in February. First up on February 5 is Ben Suckle of Birch in Providence, serving a six-course, $70 tasting. Then on February 25 and 26, Ari Taymor of LA's much lauded Alma will serve a six-course menu for $75. Make reservations by emailing [EaterWire]

RED HOOK — On January 30, Fort Defiance is hosting a benefit for the family of Chris Piscitelli, a veteran bartender of both Sunny's and Red Hook Bait & Tackle, who died of cancer this month. Abigail Gullo, a former bartender who left to become the opening bar chef at SoBou in New Orleans will be serving food, and the theme will be "Irish Tiki," which means whiskey-based Mai Tais and daiquiris. [EaterWire]

CRIME WIRE — Guy Fieri finally has some closure, now that the trial of the teen who stole his beloved Lamborghini in an elaborate heist has come to an end. 19 year old Max Wade, who was on trial for a slew of crimes that also included attempted murder and a failed juvy escape, has been sentenced to life in prison. [~EN~]


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