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Denny's Forges Ahead With Plans for Downtown Location

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The Denny's team has settled the $10 million lawsuit filed by the residents of 150 Nassau St., and now the operators of the chain are trying to secure a liquor license for the building's ground floor space. Fearing that the restaurant would bring rowdy youngsters and criminals to the area, the residents of 150 Nassau St. filed the suit in June to try and block the Denny's team from opening in the building, which sits just a half a block away from City Hall. But now DNAinfo reports that the case was "discontinued with prejudice," which means that the residents of the building cannot file suit on the same grounds again. The exact details of the suit have not been released yet.

Tribeca Citizen notices that the Denny's team has applied for a liquor license for the space once again. The operators are expected to go before the CB1 on January 22 to try and win support for the new restaurant. This will be New York's first ever Denny's.
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150 Nassau St., New York, NY