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Cooper Square Will Soon Be Flooded With Carrot Fries

If everything goes according to plan, John Fraser's new restaurant in The Standard East Village should open by the end of the month. The photo above was taken from Eater HQ, which is conveniently located directly across the street. This will be the fourth establishment in this space in about five years, but it sounds like John and Andre are opening a restaurant that will be very different from the ones that were here before.

The space has been completely redesigned, so that it now includes a spacious bar area and an open kitchen with a rotisserie. Expect market-driven New American fare with a lot of meaty entree options, plus a bevy of salads and vegetable dishes. A tipster that was at a preview dinner this week says that everyone was munching on thin, crispy fried carrots. That's right, it's 2014 and Fraser's serving carrot fries on the Bowery.
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Untitled John Fraser Restaurant

25 Cooper Square, New York, NY