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Adam Platt Gives Two Sparklers to Villard Michel Richard

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Although the dining room is underpopulated, Adam Platt likes the "technically sophisticated cooking" at the Gallery at Villard Michel Richard in the New York Palace Hotel. He gives special praise to the mock caviar with lobster, and the real caviar with scallops, both of which are part of the $185 eight-course tasting. The menu in the adjacent bistro room is less exciting:

My mother had nothing but kind things to say about the elegantly upscale frisée salad, but her lobster burger was "more decorative than tasty" and the frites accompanying it were on the soggy side. The Michel Richard interpretation of American fried chicken I ordered had a similar, greasy stodginess to it, so get the crackly-skinned roast chicken instead, which is served with a pleasing little jug of drippings on the side.
Platt does, however, recommend getting the Napoleon for dessert, which is "the size of a small toaster." Overall, Plattypants gives Villard Michel Richard two stars — three for the food in the Gallery, minus one for the food in the Bistro and the prices.
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Villard Michel Richard

455 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10022