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Sarge's Is Almost Ready to Start Slinging Pastrami Again

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It's been a long wait, but beloved Murray Hill old-timer Sarge's Delicatessen is nearly ready to reopen. A tipster sends along these recent photos of the restaurant, which has now been restored to the way it was before a three-alarm fire gutted the 48-year-old space over a year ago. The furniture and cases are in place, the deli slicers are lined up on the counter, and everything looks ready to go.

Owner Andrew Wengrover confirms that Sarge's should open soon. He says the delay is mostly a matter of bureaucratic red tape at this point, as the restaurant waits for things like gas to get turned on. He can't give a solid date just yet, but hopes it will be open by February. Sign up for the restaurant's mailing list to find out as soon as it reopens. Take a peek inside the restored delicatessen, below:

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Sarge's Deli

548 3rd Ave., New York, NY