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Five Things You Missed on Heritage Radio This Week

Heritage Radio is the food-focused internet radio station that broadcasts from a studio attached to Roberta's in Bushwick. Every week, many of the big players in the food world host and appear on shows, and oftentimes they reveal interesting tidbits about their work. Here's a guide to five notable pieces of recent programming.

Cooking-Issues2.jpg1) Kitchen Space with Dave Arnold: Dave Arnold of Booker and Dax gives some tips on building the perfect kitchen on this week's installment of Cooking Issues:

How would my kitchen change if I wasn't crammed into a tiny space? I would definitely have more freaking equipment, it's not even just the space, it's the power limitations. I live in an apartment and I have relatively unlimited supplies of gas, but I have very limited supplies of electricity, which means that my ovens have to fire on gas…ventilation is also an issues because it's hard to compromise window space and you're not allowed to punch a hole in your wall.
ny-honey-full-small.jpg2) Claire Marin of Catskill Provisions: Damon Boelte of Prime Meats talked about some belly-warming honey whiskey with beekeeper and owner of Catskill Provisions Claire Marin. Here's Marin on building a food business in the region and working with Fingerlakes Distilling:
I wanted to create a company that would bring some revenue upstate...The goal always was to distill. With honey and maple syrup I was sure we could make some really fine stuff, so that's how the whole idea got started three years ago. I think the food product really grew much more than I thought in three years, and then all of a sudden my hands were totally full with that and I thought about a collaboration [for distilling], and I looked for the best I could absolutely find and I absolutely found that in Fingerlakes Distilling.

Fool-Magazine-Lotta-Per-Anders-Jorgensen.jpg3) Fool Magazine: Food Photographer Michael Harlan-Turkell chats with Per Anders and Lotta Jorgensen, the Swedish duo who run the photography-focused food magazine Fool, recently named the Best Food Magazine in the World by the Gourmand Awards. Here Anders on the scope of the magazine:

We never think about being unique, we look very much into ourselves and see what we like. We look into our backgrounds and our experiences, and we are unique but it doesn't mean that a single image has to be unique, it's more unique in a different way, the product itself I hope…do we really have to be innovative just for the sake of being innovative? Not really.
Liz_Neumark_3592_2_.jpg4) Liz Neumark of Great Performances Catering: The James Beard Foundation's Mitchell Davis spoke with Liz Neumark of the famous NYC catering company Great Performances about the challenges of adapting the catering business to seasonal, farm-focused cooking.
You have a bride who wants chard, you need enough on the right day, you don't need it before, you don't need it after, you don't need a little bit, and not everybody's flexible.

lady.jpg5) Sky Latorre of The Meatball Shop: This week on In The Drink, Joe Campanale sat down with Sky Latorre, beverage director of The Meatball Shop to talk about reaching NYC via New Orleans and San Francisco, and on juggling wine duties at multiple Meatball locations:
We try to run that line of having consistency and being able to walk into any Meatball Shop and know that they have what you want, and also appreciating what the neighborhood is there. It's hard to keep those two things. We've tried a few things and failed as far as the beverage goes, catering specifically to different places…don't put Champagne on a Meatball Shop wine list in Brooklyn, because that won't work.

— Peter Henry.

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