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Philly Import Han Dynasty Now Open

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Han Dynasty
90 3rd Avenue, East Village
Phone: 212-390 8685
Status: Soft open
Philly import Han Dynasty soft opened quietly in the East Village over the weekend. This is the first New York location of Han Chiang's miniature empire of Sichuan restaurants, which have earned high praise back in Philadelphia for their authenticity. At the moment it's still in soft-opening mode, and according to Zagat only about 80 percent of the menu is available. An official opening and a full menu should come later this week, although the restaurant hasn't set a date just yet.

The menu looks just like the one at the Philadelphia original. There are hot and cold appetizers like Dan Dan noodles, dry pepper chicken wings, and beef tendons in chili oil, plus a long list of entrees categorized by various styles of preparation. For groups of eight or more there's also the option of a tasting menu, starting at $20 per person. The restaurant is still waiting on its liquor license, so it's without beer and wine for now, but that should change soon enough.
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Han Dynasty

90 3rd Avenue, Manhattan, NY 10003 (212) 390-8685 Visit Website

Han Dynasty

90 3rd Ave., New York, NY