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The Five Must-Watch Food Videos of the Week

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In this week's roundup of new videos, Edi & The Wolf's Eduard Frauneder discusses the right way to celebrate Oktoberfest, Shake Shack CEO Randy Garutti and Dominique Ansel talk about their Cronut Hole Concrete stunt, Max Habib of Milk & Honey Cafe tells the story of how he created his coffee shop, and Daniel Boulud offers a look into his forthcoming cookbook Daniel: My French Cuisine.

1) Brooklyn's Milk & Honey:
Max Habib, owner of Milk & Honey Cafe, tells the story of how he imagined, designed, and created his Flatbush coffee shop:

2) An Oktoberfest How-To:
Ali Rosen of Potluck Video sits down with Edi & The Wolf's Eduard Frauneder to discuss the proper way to celebrate Oktoberfest:

3) Cronut Hole Concrete Day:
Here's a look at how Shake Shack's Cronut Hole Concrete Day went down:

4) Inside Daniel: My French Cuisine:
Here's an artistic trailer for Daniel Boulud's upcoming cookbook, Daniel: My French Cuisine:

5) The Philanthropic Mario Batali:
Mario Batali talks about his involvement with the Lunchbox Fund, an organization that feeds orphans in South Africa:

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