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LES NIMBYs Go Undercover to Expose The DL

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Just a few days after helping to bring down longtime Lower East Side powerbroker David McWater, the LES Dwellers are at it again. This time, they sent an operative into the belly of the beast that is The DL, hoping to expose their operating procedures as being in conflict to what they have represented to the community and to the State Liquor Authority. And what did this undercover mission uncover? Apparently the DL does not serve food after 8 p.m.

What's more, the management allows patrons to sit on the sidewalk to smoke, and the team sells alcohol from all of the bars on all of its levels. These are things that the DL and its operator Paul Seres apparently agreed not to do in a stipulation agreement with the community. They also ripped out the children's reading room, they play the music too loudly, and they stopped offering English as a second language courses. All in all, the LES Dwellers believe these things qualify as capital crimes, or at least worthy of The DL losing its liquor license.

The LES Dwellers have submitted a lengthy complaint to the SLA, along with posting numerous videos showing the infractions on YouTube. They are both poor in quality and show what looks to be a pretty boring party.
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[Photo: The DL]

The DL

95 Delancey St., New York, NY

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