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Cal Elliott Opens The Bar Below Rye in Williamsburg

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Chef/restaurateur Cal Elliott just opened a new tavern in the basement of his popular Williamsburg restaurant Rye called, fittingly, The Bar Below Rye. Dram's Tom Chadwick created some new drinks for this operation, and Elliott is serving a small menu of bar snacks and sandwiches down there too. The food options include oysters, ceviche, crab croquettes, St. Louis-style barbecued ribs, mac and cheese, and a "drunken grilled cheese" sandwich. Elliott's famed duck meatloaf sandwich is also available downstairs.

Just like the upstairs room, The Bar Below Rye was made with repurposed materials, and it features some old-timey design details. The street level bar is frequently slammed on the weekends, so it's nice to know that there's some extra space down below, plus a casual menu for people that might not want a full meal in the dining room. The Bar Below Rye opened last night. Check out the food and drink options:



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247 South 1st Street, Brooklyn, NY 11211 (718) 218-8047 Visit Website


247 S 1st St., New York, NY