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Daniel Delaney to Launch TacoTown at Madison Sq. Eats

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Daniel Delaney is bringing back his beloved brisket tacos for a new operation he's calling TacoTown. Delaney and the BrisketTown crew will run this booth as a part of Madison Square Eats, a daily food market that will set up shop across the street from Madison Square Park from September 27 through October 25. In addition to the brisket tacos, Delaney will be serving tacos stuffed with pulled pork, fried chicken, and fried Brussels sprouts.

Earlier this year, BrisketTown was awarded the "Best Breakfast" designation from New York magazine because of those tacos. Delaney dropped them from the menu a few weeks ago because the set-up proved to be problematic, and he replaced them on the weekends with the mighty brisket bagel. For more on BrisketTown's tacos, check out Sietsema's assessment of the breakfast version from January.
· TacoTown Announcement [BrisketTown]


Madison Square Park, New york, NY

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