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Brooklyn Restaurant Hosts Completely Silent Dinner

This past Sunday, Eat in Greenpoint launched what it hopes will be a monthly series of dinners served and eaten in utter silence. The four-course, $40 prix fixe meal lasted for 90 minutes, during which the 17 diners who attended were not allowed to make a sound. If they did, the punishment was being forced to eat the rest of their meal on a bench outside.

Eat's chef and events planner, Nicholas Nauman, came up with the idea after spending time at a Buddhist monastery in India, where breakfast is served in imposed silence. Apparently all the diners at Eat made it through with nothing but a few coughs between outbursts of pantomime, texting, and meditation (or dozing). As one young woman described the experience: "At first it felt like being 50 and married ... But then it became good, the good kind of quiet."
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[Photo: Eat/Facebook]

Eat Greenpoint

124 Meserole Ave, Brooklyn, NY