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Catskill Resident Courts NYC Chefs With Amazing Deal

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A resident of Catskill, NY is willing to offer the right New York City chef or restaurateur one year of free rent if they open up a restaurant in an old Art Deco space on Main Street. Nina Sklansky, a local copywriter, has been working with the Catskill Action Team to find a promising chef or restaurateur for her vacant storefront. A hip new restaurant would probably appeal to the young folks from the city that are visiting the small town and buying houses in the area now. Sklansky tells the AP: "I don't know what the actual spark will be, but I certainly think this will help ignite whatever's going to happen...If people are going to linger, they're going to want to eat."

It sounds like Sklansky and her colleagues at the Catskill Action Team are trying to create something similar to Fish & Game, Zak Pelaccio's new restaurant in nearby Hudson, NY. Sklansky notes: "God forbid if the place turns into something like Hudson, but a little bit of it would be nice."

Here's a video that the Catskill Action Team put together to court chefs and restaurateurs :

· Village North of NYC Has a Deal for the Right Chef [AP]

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