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NIMBYs Sharpen Pitchforks to Gut The DL

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It's time for the DL, the Lower East Side's favorite multi-story restaurant and club, to get its liquor license renewed and surprisingly, some neighborhood activists are trying to stop it. After some major operating issues when the club was doing business as Ludlow Manor, the venue was apparently rescued by veteran nightlifer Paul Seres, who planned to manage the club on the up and up. But the LES Dwellers have declared the DL to be another nuisance, claiming that it is really just a nightclub masquerading as a restaurant and event space, and they would like the place shut down.

They will probably be supported by the community board, but will the SLA really shut down an operating business that is relatively incident free?
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The DL

95 Delancey St., New York, NY

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