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Tarlow Launches She Wolf Bakery, a Bread Pick-Up Service

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Andrew Tarlow recently opened a commissary where his baking team, lead by Austin Hall, makes all the breads for the restaurants in the Marlow/Diner Empire. Now, the operation has a name — She Wolf Bakery — and Tarlow is implementing a system where people can order loaves of sourdough bread online and pick them up at two of his establishments. From the She Wolf Bakery site:

Each Tuesday and Thursday we'll make 30 extra sourdough loaves in the early afternoon. On Tuesdays the bread will be available for pick up at Achilles Heel in Greenpoint and on Thursdays at Roman's in Fort Greene. A loaf is six dollars. Pre-order online and pay ahead, choosing the location and the day; we'll have your Sourdough ready for pick up after 5 p.m.
The system sounds somewhat similar to Daniel Delaney's BrisketLab, where guests paid in advance to pick up pounds of meat. According to the She Wolf Bakery website, the sourdough bread has "a wild, honeyed smell and a sharp, pure taste" and "a pliant crumb and taut, charred crust."
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Achilles Heel

180 West St., Brooklyn, NY

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