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Moscow's 'Brooklyn' Restaurant Comes to Brooklyn

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Photo: Ferma & Williamsburg

Two Russian chefs that are famous both for their burgers and for emulating Brooklyn hipsters are about to make their debut among the real-life Brooklyn hipsters. The Moscow-based burger stand Ferma & Williamsburg, will make its first U.S. appearance in its namesake neighborhood at Smorgasburg this Saturday. Owners Fedor Tadatyan and Maxim Livsi themselves will be manning the booth, serving burgers with rosemary aioli and onion jam and elderflower lemonade under the name Ferma Corporation. The move, the pair say, was "only logical," since as it turns out, their restaurant empire back in Moscow is mostly based on the Brooklyn Flea anyway:

Tadatyan and Livsi, both veterans of the Moscow food scene, teamed up to start Ferma & Williamsburg amid a wave of Brooklyn lovers and copycats. The business started as a catering company that featured bearded, flannel-clad waitstaff serving food cooked on a grill and plated on distressed wooden planks. That expanded to a food kiosk turned full-blown restaurant in Gorky Park, plus a back alley social club called Herculis Studio. The restaurants serve Brooklyn-esque food like burgers and Cafe Habana-inspired grilled corn, and are all outfitted with decor lugged back from the actual Brooklyn Flea. It remains to be seen what happens when these worlds collide. Maybe a ramen burger-esque line will form. Maybe these guys will just blend in. In the meantime, here is a video of the pair grilling things Brooklyn-style in Gorky Park:


East River State Park, Brooklyn, NY

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