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Bar Hopes to Court Muckrakers, Conspiracy Theorists

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Soon, political activists, conspiracy theorists, and Eugene Lang students will have a downtown hangout where they can mix and mingle while sipping craft cocktails. Tribeca Citizen reports on the imminent opening of Tarbell, a new bar at 145 Nassau Street. In a video on the tavern's website, co-owner Kate Albright-Hannah explains: "I want to build a place that brings together this generation's muckraking journalists, activists, and artists — trouble-makers of all kind — and really create a political salon for the 21st century."

During the day, Tarbell will be a members-only club, of sorts. But at night, the doors will be open to anyone that wants to sip a fancy cocktail and enjoy "the spirit of revolutionary leisure." In the evening, when the non-muckrakers arrive, Tarbell members will have special access to a "secret scheming room." Take a look at this promo video:

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145 Nassau St., New YOrk, NY