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The Ramen Burger Will Return to Smorgasburg Tomorrow

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The hottest new foodie fixation of early August 2013 is coming back for a second round: Tomorrow, the ramen burger will be served at Smorgasburg. This is the creation of ramen chef/blogger Keizo Shimamoto, who has worked at several ramen restaurants in Japan, including the well-regarded Bassanova Ramen. It comes topped with arugula, scallions, and secret shoyu sauce, but the whole thing really hinges on the "ramen bun," which is made of Sun Noodles that have been shaped into patties and fried. Right now Shimamoto is only making occasional appearances at Smorgasburg, but he tells the Daily Beast that he hopes to become a regular vendor soon, and eventually open up a brick and mortar Ramen Burger.

On Saturday Shimamoto promised only 100 burgers and sold about 150, but this time he plans to have 200. Last week people started lining up at 9 a.m., a good two hours before Smorgasburg opens, and then proceeded to wait upwards of an hour in the rain for the burger. Needless to say, that kind of line has some people wondering if it's the "next Cronut." It's worth noting, however, that the long wait had a lot to do with the fact that all those burgers were being cranked out with just one frying pan and one electric griddle. That setup is pretty much par for the course at all the Smorgasburg, as is that kind of wait.
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