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National Underground, Ha'Chi, and More Shutter

1) Lower East Side: A pair of longtime East Houston bars both closed this week, both to make way for new establishments. Bowery Boogie reports that National Underground, the music venue owned by musicians Joey and Gavin DeGraw will become Shebeen Chic, an "authentic" Irish pub owned by a native Irishman. White Rabbit, meanwhile, will be taken over by the team behind Idle Hands to become a bar called Fool's Gold. [BB]

2) Lower East Side: Ha'Chi, the Asian fusion restaurant on the ground floor of the Thompson LES hotel closed quietly last weekend. Bedford + Bowery hears that renovations have already started for its replacement restaurant, and also points out that the last time an Asian restaurant closed in the Thompson LES, it was replaced by the Blue Ribbon Beer Garden. [B+B]

3) East Village: Third Avenue slice joint AAA Amici Pizza shuttered last week. EV Grieve reports that the restaurant, like others in the neighborhood, fell victim to rent hikes, and the owners are not looking to reopen elsewhere. [EVG]

4) Upper West Side: Amsterdam Diner, which replaced old-timer EJ's Luncheonette two years ago, closed last week. Ownership hadn't actually changed between EJ's and Amsterdam Diner, but West Side Rag notes that some felt it had gone downhill. A sign in the window says it will be replaced by a restaurant called Social House in mid-August.
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White Rabbit

145 E Houston St New York, NY