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Lady Gaga's Restaurateur Dad Rips Into the DOH, Again

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Joe Germonatta got his A-Grade back from the DOH last month, but that still didn't stop him for going on another Twitter tirade against Mayor Bloomberg and the Department of Health.

Joe operates Joanne Trattoria on the Upper West Side, but he is perhaps best known for being Lady Gaga's dad. Last month, Joanne Trattoria received 19 violation points on a DOH inspection, which was enough to downgrade it from an A-grade to a B-grade. Joe then launched into a Twitter rant about his inspector, Bloomberg, and the Department of Health in general. According to Joe, the restaurant received four inspections over the last two months, including one earlier this week.

Immediately following his most recent visit from the DOH, Joe took to Twitter to reveal the name of his inspector and his supervisor, and take shots at Bloomberg and the entire DOH system. Here are some snippets from his most recent Twitter meltdown.

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