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Shake Shack Serves Fresh-Cut Fries for the First Time Ever

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After nine years in business, Shake Shack is finally making the switch to fresh-cut French fries. The first of the fancy spuds are now being served at the Upper East Side location, but Shake Shack CEO Randy Garutti tells A Hamburger Today: "Every new Shack we open will begin to serve them, and it will take us some months to remodel our current kitchens before the switchover from frozen crinkle cuts to fresh fries is complete." The regular old crinkle cut fries are pretty damn delicious, especially when smothered in cheese sauce, or when dipped in a creamy Concrete. But fresh fries are always better. Danny Meyer knows this, and he is seldom wrong.

The AHT crew is on their way to the Upper East Side right this very second. Expect a full analysis later this afternoon.
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Shake Shack

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