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Insane Restaurant Space Now Being Built on Pier 26

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A rending from The Hudson River Park Trust

Last month, the Hudson River Park Trust put out a request for proposals for a monster indoor/outdoor restaurant space that sits directly in front of Pier 26. This 3,335 square foot restaurant has a main dining room that can fit about 100 people, plus a rooftop terrace that's about three times the size of the downstairs room. The building is also surrounded by outdoor terraces, and many parts of the space offer unobstructed views of the Hudson River.

The RFP notes: "The Trust is now seeking proposals from experienced restaurateurs (the 'Respondents') to lease the Pavilion for a high quality, yet casual, waterfront destination restaurant." The Trust is accepting RFPs through September 16. So, that gives Danny, Drew, Marc M., Marc F., Stephen, Steve, Mario, Rich, and Jeff a few more weeks to file their paperwork.

Eater recently stopped by the Pier 26 restaurant. Here's a tour:

Check out the full RFP here.