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Brooklyn Now Has Its Own Version of the Cronut Line

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Hundreds of people waited in the rain for chef/blogger Keizo Shimamoto's ramen burgers at Smorgasburg on Saturday. According to the official Brooklyn Flea site, this is "a 75 percent-25 percent, lean-to-fatty, juicy patty topped with shoyu (a secret sauce that is soy sauce based), scallions, and arugula, all packaged in a 'ramen bun' made from Sun Noodles and a touch of sesame oil."

Shimamoto, who worked at the well-regarded Bassanova Ramen restaurant in Japan, wants to open a New York restaurant specializing in ramen burgers. The chef told Fork in the Road: "Hopefully we will be here again next weekend or the weekend after, but I am not sure yet."
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90 Kent Ave., Brooklyn, NY