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NIMBYs Go to the Mattresses Against New Soho House

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The owners of Soho House would really, really love to open a second New York location for their members on the Lower East Side, and to do so, they have tried really, really hard to win over their new neighbors and the civic associations, and let them know that a new Soho House won't be the final nail in the neighborhood's coffin. So far, they have failed. Despite these community setbacks, the Soho House owners have continued to press forward with their plans to open in the former funeral home and factory on Ludlow Street, filing a license application with the State Liquor Authority and preparing for a 500-foot hearing this week to prove that having a new Soho House will be some kind of benefit to the public.

This has greatly upset the LES Dwellers, a local organization dead set against the further conversion of the neighborhood into a global nightlife destination. The LES Dwellers have already gone up against the Soho House and had some minor victories. They are back, and this time, they have flow charts.

To the LES Dwellers, this is the final battle in their war to push back against the Hell Squarization of the neighborhood, and they are trying to rally community support to not only sign a petition, but to also write letters arguing against the approval of the license. Members of the organization will also be appearing in court to try and stop what will most likely be an approval, claiming that the Lower East Side may need a lot of things, but a new Soho House isn't one of them.

We'll all see what happens later this week.
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Soho House LES

139 Ludlow St., New York, NY