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Interviews with Winemakers, Fresh Mozzarella, and More

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Summer is coming to a close, but things are still happening in the Hamptons. Here's a roundup of all the latest food news from Eater's sister site Curbed Hamptons:
tablescape.JPG[Jamie Sharpe]
Sag Harbor: Here's a look at some of the farm-to-table tablescapes created by local interior designer Steven Gambrel for a cocktail party at Watchcase. Besides just the usual wine and cheese, these tables are overflowing with whole cucumbers, eggplants, and bunches of beets.

North Fork: Winemaker Russell McCall chats with Curbed Hamptons about being a pioneer of Long Island winemaking, and about what it takes to make "honest" wine. On maintaining purity he says: "I would rather sell off a batch that I don't like rather than bottle it and sell under my vineyard's name."

Sagaponack: Meanwhile another winemaking great, Roman Roth of Wölffer Estate, discusses the challenges and advantages of making wine on the East End. Finally, he says, "people are embracing the fact that wine does not have to taste like cough syrup and be sweet and rich. Wine can be light, elegant, and vibrant. This is the style that Long Island is good at. All of a sudden, we are ahead of the curve."

East Hampton: Gwyneth Paltrow was spotted dining at Serafina with her husband and children, but according to Us Weekly she only ate steamed vegetables. The rest of her family, meanwhile, enjoyed a "pizza and pasta feast."

East Hampton: The hottest new party accessory is apparently a guy making fresh mozzarella. For $300 an hour plus the cost of ingredients, Pasquale Langella will stretch and shape his renowned cheese to order for a host's hungry guests.
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