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New York City's 25 Most-Anticipated Fall Openings

Fall is absolutely the most exciting time to be a diner in New York City. Here's a guide to everything you need to know about the big fall openings this year.

Note: This list covers the big movers and shakers that are opening up projects this fall. Stay tuned for a list of the potential neighborhood gamechangers later this week.

2013_robert_aikens.jpg25) Name: The Peacock
Address: 24 East 39th St., Murray Hill
Major Players: Jason Hicks, Yves Jadot, and Robert Aikens
The Story: An English restaurant from Jones Wood Foundry restaurateurs Jason Hicks and Yves Jadot, with a menu by English-born chef Robert Aikens. Before signing on to The Peacock, Aikens worked as the executive chef at Stephen Starr's Philadelphia gastropub The Dandelion. This is one of three hospitality venues that Hicks and Jadot are creating for the Williams hotel.
Projected Opening: Mid-October.
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2013_marc_murphy_pups12.jpg24) Name: Kingside
Address: 120 West 57th St., Midtown
Major Players: Marc Murphy and Scott Gerber
The Story: An all-day New American restaurant from celebrity chef/restaurateur Marc Murphy and partner Scott Gerber in the Viceroy New York hotel. The design gurus at Roman and Williams are creating the space.
Projected Opening: Second week of October.
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2013_china_blue_asdt_1234.jpg23) Name: China Blue
Address: 451 Washington St., Tribeca
Major Players: Yiming Wang and Xian Zhang
The Story: A Shanghainese restaurant in the old Capsouto Freres space from Cafe China restaurateurs Yiming Wang and Xian Zhang. Expect white tablecloths, lots of seafood options, and a dining room that evokes a different era.
Projected Opening: Late November/early December.
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2013_sam_hzan_wine_%2123.jpg22) Name: The Chester
Address: 18 Ninth Ave., Meatpacking District
Major Players: Sam Hazen and Paige Hospitality Group
The Story: Paige Hospitality is partnering with Veritas chef Sam Hazen on an all-day American brasserie in the old Toy/Tanuki Tavern space in the Gansevoort Meatpacking NYC. Hazen and his crew will also be responsible for room service and event catering at the hotel. The chef has worked in some great restaurants over his long and storied career, and he has experience doing high-volume, so it sounds like this will be a good fit.
Projected Opening: Second week in September.
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2013_amanda_freitags_empire_diner12.jpg21) Name: Amanda Freitag's Restaurant in the Empire Diner Space
Address: 210 10th Ave., West Chelsea
Major Player: Amanda Freitag
The Story: Amanda Freitag returns to the dining scene with a casual American restaurant in the space that previously housed Empire Diner. Although Freitag frequently appears on TV cooking shows, she hasn't worked in a restaurant kitchen since she left The Harrison in 2010.
Projected Opening: The third week in September.
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[Empire Diner Photo: Flickr/Professor Bop]

2013_red_fatty_crew_%212.jpg20) Name: Red Farm Upper West Side/Decoy
Address: 2170 Broadway, Upper West Side; 529 Hudson St., West Village
Major Players: Ed Schoenfeld, Joe Ng, and Jeffrey Chodorow
The Story: One of New York's most beloved modern Chinese restaurants heads Uptown with a menu full of new dishes, plus a spacious dining room. Decoy, a small restaurant focusing on Peking duck, will open in the space directly below the Hudson Street original later this fall.
Projected Opening: Red Farm UWS should open by the second week in September, while Decoy is slated to open in the middle of October.
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2013_contra_opening_%2123.jpg19) Name: Contra
Address: 138 Orchard St., Lower East Side
Major Players: Jeremiah Stone and Fabian von Hauske
The Story: Two talented young guns that met at FCI years ago are opening a 44-seat restaurant with a $55 five-course tasting menu. Before teaming up, Stone worked as the sous chef at Isa under Ignacio Mattos, and von Hauske cooked at Noma and Faviken, among other places. Contra is one of the most buzzed-about restaurants of the year among Downtown chefs and food bloggers.
Projected Opening: Third week in September.
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2013_marcos_team_1234.jpg18) Name: Marco's
Address: 295 Flatbush Ave., Prospect Heights
Major Players: Andrew Feinberg, Francine Stephens, and Danny Amend
The Story: A modern trattoria in the old Franny's space from Andrew Feinberg and Francine Stephens. The kitchen will be helmed by Danny Amend, a Per Se alum who has worked for Feinberg and Stephens for several years.
Projected Opening: Second week in September.
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2013_gotham_west_market_%2123.jpg17) Name: Gotham West Market
Address: 600 11th Ave., Hell's Kitchen
Major Players: Christian Pappanicholas, Francis Derby, Seamus Mullen, Ivan Orkin, and Caroline Fidanza
The Story: A new market and food hall with counters from The Cannibal, Blue Bottle, Seamus Mullen, Saltie, Ivan Orkin, and AvroKo. It sounds similar to the Ferry Building Marketplace in San Francisco.
Projected Opening: Third week in October.
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2013_quality_clam_%21234.jpg16) Name: The Clam
Address: 420 Hudson St., West Village
Major Players: Joey Campanaro and Mike Price
The Story: A new neighborhood seafood restaurant from the team behind Market Table and The Little Owl. Joe Campanaro hosted a preview dinner at Harry's Pizza in Miami earlier this summer.
Projected Opening: Second week of October
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2013_m_wells_steakhosue123.jpg15) Name: M. Wells Steakhouse
Address: 43-15 Crescent St., Long Island City
Major Players: Hugue Dufour and Sarah Obraitis
The Story: A steakhouse from the M. Wells crew in a Long Island City space that formerly housed an auto body shop. The restaurant will have a wood-fired grill and a concrete tank full of live trout. In a bizarre twist, the M. Wells team will also build a catamaran in one corner of the dining room. The menu will include things like roasted steak with optional Kobe brisket shavings, an iceberg wedge salad made with blue cheese and powdered ketchup, and bread made with a 120-year-old starter. This is the oddball opening of the year, but it's guaranteed to be a hit with the foodies and critics.
Projected Opening: The last week of December.
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[Photo: Curbed/ Nathan Kensinger]

2013_marc_forgione_12.jpg14) Name: American Cut
Address: 363 Greenwich St., Tribeca
Major Players: Marc Forgione and LDV Hospitality
The Story: A Tribeca steakhouse from chef Marc Forgione and LDV Hospitality, the group that also owns and operates Scarpetta and Bistro La Promenade. Expect dry and wet-aged meats from Pat La Frieda, plus a roster of New American sides and starters, similar to what the chef serves at his eponymous restaurant. The menu's star attraction will be a 42-ounce dry-aged Tomahawk chop for two. Forgione and LDV have one location of American Cut in Atlantic City, but they plan to make the Tribeca restaurant the flagship location.
Projected Opening: The second week in September.
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127362552282_bb3e3e1407_b-thumb.jpeg13) Name: Ristorante Morini
Address: 1167 Madison Ave., Upper East Side
Major Players: Michael White and Ahmass Fakahany
The Story: A luxe Italian restaurant from the Altamarea Group in the old Centolire space. Rumor has it that this restaurant might resemble White's dearly departed restaurant Convivio.
Projected Opening: Last week in November
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2013_john_Fraser_standard12.jpg12) Name: John Fraser's Restaurant at The Standard
Address: 25 Cooper Square, East Village
Major Player: John Fraser
The Story: The Dovetail chef moves Downtown with a vegetable-centric restaurant in André Balazs's The Standard East Village. Expect a lot of grilled dishes.
Projected Opening: First week in December.
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2013_la_cenita_as_%2123.jpg11) Name: La Cenita
Address: 409 West 14th St., Meatpacking District
Major Players: EMM Group and Akhtar Nawab
The Story: A pan-Latin restaurant in the old Abe & Arthur's space with a menu by former La Esquina chef Akhtar Nawab. Eugene Remm and Mark Birnbaum do not open restaurants for the food dorks of this city. But at Catch and Lexington Brass, they've showed the world that a club/restaurant can have good food and good service. Hopefully, with Nawab at the helm, they'll repeat the trick again.
Projected Opening: The first week of September. This will be a big Fashion Week party spot.
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2013_danny_bowien_mexican_%2123.jpg10) Name: Danny Bowien's Mexican Restaurant
Address: 172 Orchard St., Lower East Side
Major Player: Danny Bowien
The Story: Danny Bowien won't talk about it, but word on the street is that the Mission Chinese Food chef is planning to open a Mexican restaurant in the old Noodle Bar space this fall. The Post noted that Bowien's team was moving into the space last month, and Bowery Boogie reported that some members of the team appeared before the SLA in June. Eater has reached out to Bowien about this new project, but he has yet to confirm or deny its existence.
Projected Opening: Industry sources whisper that it will open during the last week of September.
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2013_einat_admony_123.jpg9) Name: Bar Bolonat
Address: 611 Hudson St., West Village
Major Player: Einat Admony
The Story: A West Village restaurant from the chef behind Taim and Balaboosta, offering a playful, modern take on Israeli cuisine.
Projected Opening: The second week in November.
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2012_georgette_farkas1234.jpg8) Name: Rotisserie Georgette
Address: 14 East 60th St., Upper East Side
Major Players: Georgette Farkas and David Malbequi
The Story: A French restaurant specializing in fire-roasted meats and seasonal vegetables from former Daniel PR maven Georgette Farkas and acclaimed French chef David Malbequi. Rotisserie Georgette will have a spacious and slightly elegant dining room lined with caramel-colored leather banquettes.
Projected Opening: The third week in October.
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[Photo: Facebook]

2013_toro_jamie_%2123.jpg7) Name: Toro
Address: 85 10th Ave., Chelsea
Major Players: Jamie Bissonnette and Ken Oringer
The Story: Boston's wildly popular tapas restaurant heads to New York City. Expect a mix of traditional and contemporary tapas dishes served in a lively space next to Del Posto and Colicchio & Sons. Bissonnette and Oringer already have a lot of fans in New York City.
Projected Opening: Third week in September
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2013_chris_jaeckle_1234.jpg6) Name: All'Onda
Address: 22 East 13th St., Union Square
Major Players: Chris Jaeckle and Chris Cannon
The Story: A Northern Italian restaurant from industry legend Chris Cannon and former Ai Fiori chef Chris Jaeckle. The menu will include risotto dishes, crudos, homemade pastas, and shareable entrees. This has the potential to be the blockbuster Italian restaurant of the fall.
Projected Opening: Last week of September.
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[Chris Jaekcle Photo, Chris Cannon Photo]

2013_ivan_ramen_1234.jpg5) Name: Ivan Ramen
Address: 25 Clinton St., Lower East Side
Major Player: Ivan Orkin
The Story: A Lower East Side ramen parlor from noodle guru Ivan Orkin. The chef has been taking his time to perfect the dishes for his first American restaurant. The menu will include a lot more than just ramen.
Projected Opening: Ivan doesn't want to make a prediction about the opening date, but the first week in November sounds about right.
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2013_battersby_duo_%21234.jpg4) Name: New Restaurant From Joseph Ogrodnek and Walker Stern
Address: 412 Court St., Carroll Gardens
Major Players: Joseph Ogrodnek and Walker Stern
The Story: The boys from Smith Street critical darling Battersby take over the old Vinzee's Magic Fountain space. The new restaurant will have about 50 seats, and Ogrodnek and Stern will be working with a much larger kitchen this time.
Projected Opening: First week in November.
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2013_telepan_local_%21234.jpg3) Name: Telepan Local
Address: 329 Greenwich St., Tribeca
Major Player: Bill Telepan
The Story: The greenmarket king of the Upper West Side opens a casual restaurant in Tribeca with 80 seats and a menu that mixes shareable small plates and entrees. Brooklyn's Home design group is building the space.
Projected Opening: Mid-October
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2013_brooklyn_fare_manhatatn_%21234.jpg2) Name: Brooklyn Fare Manhattan
Address: 431 West 37th St., Clinton
Major Players: Moe Issa, César Ramirez, and Jared Sippel
The Story: The long-delayed Manhattan spinoff of Brooklyn's most acclaimed fine dining restaurant will feature a 65-seat dining room plus a 10-seat chef's counter. Although Ramirez is overseeing this project, the main chef at this new restaurant is Jared Sippel, who previously worked at Frasca Food and Wine in Boulder, Colorado. The a la carte menu will have French, Italian, and Japanese influences, with an emphasis on pasta.
Projected Opening: Late November.
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2013_michel_richard_space_%21234.jpg1) Name: Villard Michel Richard
Address: 30 East 51st St., Midtown East
Major Player: Michel Richard
The Story: A 100-seat brasserie from renowned French chef Michel Richard with a 46-seat dining room devoted to tasting menus (dubbed "The Gallery"). The main restaurant will take over the landmarked space that previously housed Gilt and Le Cirque 2000, and Richard will also open an all day French bakery called Pommes Palais in another corner of the hotel. Industry sources whisper that Richard and his crew are going big on this project, which is part of the New York Palace Hotel's $140 million renovation. This is chef Richard's grand New York debut.
Projected Opening: Villard Michel Richard in October; Pommes Palais in early September.
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Bar Bolonat

611 Hudson Street, Manhattan, NY 10014 (212) 390-1545 Visit Website

Telepan Local

329 Greenwich St, New York, NY 10013 Visit Website

Ristorante Morini

1167 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10028 (212) 249-0444 Visit Website


255 Smith Street, Brooklyn, NY 11231 (718) 852-8321 Visit Website

Ivan Ramen

25 Clinton Street, Manhattan, NY 10002 (646) 678-3859 Visit Website


Viceroy New York Hotel, 120 West 57th Street, New York, NY


138 Orchard Street, Manhattan, NY 10002 (212) 466-4633 Visit Website

American Cut

363 Greenwich Street, Manhattan, NY 10013 (212) 226-4736 Visit Website

Marc Forgione

134 Reade Street, New York, NY 10013 (212) 941-9401 Visit Website

Villard Michel Richard

455 Madison Ave, New York, NY 10022

La Cenita

409 W 14th Street, New York, NY 10014

China Blue

135 Watts Street, Manhattan, NY 10013 (212) 431-0111 Visit Website

The Clam

420 Hudson Street, Manhattan, NY 10014 (212) 242-7420 Visit Website


295 Flatbush Avenue, Brooklyn, NY 11217 718 230 0427

Mission Cantina

172 Orchard St, New York, NY 10002 (212) 254-2233 Visit Website


150 Clayton Lane, , CO 80206 (303) 253-3000 Visit Website