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Keller on Eat, Drink, Love; Smorgasburg Line Controversy

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FOOD TV — Thomas Keller made a cameo in last night's episode of Eat, Drink, Love on Bravo, stopping by his Beverly Hills outpost of Bouchon to say hello to Eater LA editor Kat Odell and publicist Brenda Urban. Eater National has the clip, plus a bonus answer to the burning question: Are chefs better in bed? [~EN~]

WILLIAMSBURG — A scandal broke out earlier today when Alan Richman claimed that Mighty Quinn's had refused to serve him food at Smorgasburg until a line 25 people deep had formed behind him. But now Micha Magid, a co-owner of Mighty Quinn's, has responded, telling Gothamist that such a claim is "categorically false," and "it's not even something that I could even assign a 1% probability to it actually happening." [Gothamist]

UPPER WEST SIDE — Andanada is offering a tapas and sangria sampler from now through September 1. The deal includes a pitcher of sangria and a choice of four traditional Spanish tapas for $70 per couple. [EaterWire]

UPPER WEST SIDE — Épicerie Boulud is giving away free, tennis ball-shaped French macarons to anyone who brings in a ticket stub from the U.S. Open. The macarons are lemon-flavored, with lemon marshmallow and raspberry jam filling, and will be available through September 9. [EaterWire]


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