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Cherrywood Kitchen, China Fun, and More Shutter

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1) Hudson Square: Cherrywood Kitchen has closed after about six months in business. Chef Chris Cheung has not announced any future plans yet. The restaurant served things like braised bacon soup, chicken stuffed with eel, and duck with sweetbreads. [GS]

2) Upper West Side: China Fun on Columbus Avenue shuttered earlier this week. West Side Rag notes that the restaurant was temporarily closed earlier this year because of a fire, but now it looks like it's done for good. [WSR]

3) East Village: East Noodle & Izakaya closed earlier this month. EV Grieve reorts that the shutter is down, the phone line is disconnected, and there are bags of trash in the dining room. [EV Grieve]

4) East Village: EV Grieve also noticed that Affair on Avenue A is now closed. Word on the street is that the owner might reopen the space as a new restaurant, but nothing has been decided yet. [EV Grieve]
[Cherrywood Kitchen by Krieger]

Cherrywood Kitchen

300 Spring Street, New York, NY 10013 (646) 559-2328

Cherrywood Kitchen

300 Spring St., New York, NY