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Bobby Flay's Mesa Grill to Close at the End of the Month

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Bobby Flay will shutter his flagship restaurant Mesa Grill at the end of the month. The space has been on the market for a while now, but in February, Flay said that he had made an agreement with the landlord to "extend the lease through the fall." News of the impending closure started hitting the message boards last night, and an employee at the restaurant tells Eater that the last day will either be August 31 or September 1. There's still no word yet from Flay on whether he plans to reopen the restaurant in a different space, but the celebrity chef has talked about relocating the restaurant several times in the past. Last fall, industry gossip blog ChompChump floated the rumor that he was looking to move Mesa Grill to Midtown, near Bar Americain.

Mesa Grill has been open for 22 years, which is an impressive run for any restaurant. Mesa Grill got two stars from Biff Grimes back in 2000, then it got a one spot from Bruni in 2008. Right now, Flay is hard at work on his new Noho project, Gato, which will serve a mix of Mediterranean and Spanish dishes.
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