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Cafe Boulud's Chicken; How to Prepare a Korean Feast

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UPPER EAST SIDE —Joshua David Stein recently tried Chef Gavin Kaysen's fried chicken dinner at Café Boulud and deems it confirmation that "haute fried chicken is a thing." But unlike its predecessors at places like Momofuku and NoMad, Kaysen's fancy fried chicken is only available on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays until the end of the summer. The chicken comes as part of a family-style meal, which for $52 per person also includes sides like watermelon slaw and cornbread. [DuJour]

WILLIAMSBURGEdible Brooklyn is hosting an event at Brooklyn Brewery tomorrow night called How to Prepare a Korean Feast. The party will feature food demonstrations and a Q & A with Matt Rodbard and the proprietors of We Rub You and the Kimchi Taco Truck. Tickets are $5. [EaterWire]

LOWER EAST SIDE — In honor of its first birthday, Prohibition Bakery is selling a limited edition Hemingway-inspired cupcake called Death in the Afternoon. The cupcake, based on the author's Champagne and absinthe concoction of the same name, consists of Champagne cake with Champagne filling and absinthe frosting. The cupcakes are $2 each, 3 for $5, or a dozen for $20, and only available this week. [EaterWire]

BOOK CLUB — Eater National has the list of the top ten bestselling cookbooks of the year so far, and it includes not one but two books about juice. Perennial favorite Ina Garten lands at the top of the list with Barefoot Contessa Foolproof, while Bobby Deen, son of the embattled Paula, snags the number two spot with From Mama's Table To Mine. [~EN~]

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