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Taverna, South Brooklyn Pizza, and More Shutter

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1) Park Slope: The First Street location of slice joint mini-chain South Brooklyn Pizza has been seized by the City Marshal for the owner's failure to pay rent. That owner is the notorious James McGown, who owns several businesses in the area and has filed for bankruptcy on quite a few of them. Most notable of those is P.J. Hanley's, Brooklyn's oldest bar, which recently closed under McGown's management (though he has since reopened it as Goldenrod). The South Brooklyn Pizza chain itself is also bankrupt, but several other locations remain open. [HPS] UPDATE, 08/19: A rep for McGown says that the restaurateur will regain possession of the premises this week, and the pizzeria should reopen shortly. Apparently, there was a dispute with the landlord that ended up in court, but the judge determined that this was an illegal lockout.

2) Gramercy: Taverna, the Greek restaurant that replaced Lyric Dineris now closed. It was opened under the same ownership six months ago, and though there's no official word on the reasons for the closure, some commenters on pcvstBee suspect that Taverna's higher prices may be to blame for it's decline in business. [EVG]

3) Lower East Side: The Tim Horton's/Cold Stone Creamery combo on East Houston looks like it's done for good. The place has been shuttered since late July, but a sign said the closure was temporary, blaming "utility line maintenence." Now EV Grieve has word that this location has been taken off of the Tim Horton's website, the temporarily closed sign is gone, and the phone "just rings and rings." [EVG]
[Photo: South Brooklyn Pizza/Facebook]

South Brooklyn Pizza

447 1st St, Brooklyn, NY