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Big Changes Coming to Greenhouse and W.I.P.

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Big changes may be coming to Greenhouse and W.I.P., the Soho clubs that are now famous for the bottle-throwing brawl between Drake and Chris Brown. The two clubs have apparently been purchased by a new operator who will appear before Community Board 2 tonight seeking approval of the asset transfer. Knowing that CB 2 and the local community have nothing but hatred for the notorious clubs, a representative of the new mystery operator tells Eater that they are prepared to promise a variety of big changes to win their support.

The biggest one will be the immediate closure of W.I.P., which will no longer be used to serve alcohol for any purposes, and a re-naming and reprogramming of Greenhouse. The club will now operate as Haus, Greenhouse's German cousin who really loves house music and DJs, instead of Greenhouse's hip hop environment. Haus's operator also promises to deliver increased security and cooperation in coordination with the NYPD. It all sounds great, but will they get the approvals? We'll all find out tonight.
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